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Friday, May 13, 2005

Time to be buying ticket for plane back home soon.

It's been darn cold the last couple days.

Yesterday I got my own library card for school.

New teacher who sits next to me says the funniest things like only referring to her spouse, "my bad husband... I don't care about him, he can do whatever he likes, and I do what I like. But... I make food for him and...sometimes I chat with him and sometimes I tease him ...so that he can be healthy. If he is healthy, then I can be happy; I am free to do what I want. That's right, if I have my house, I must have him. If I lived alone in my house, it would not be safe. So, I must have him for protection. I wish he was well, then he could be guard! This is necessary! He is almost like an animal, like...dog! In the house, he is only...an accessory." and "When I was younger I had desire, I was full of desire, to do anything. But now... I just give up, everything. It takes much energy, anger. So I just enjoy... I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy TV...I like to watch baseball games, and variety shows...and I enjoy studying English..!"

She's so entertaining. She likes to sketch diagrams as she explains her cooking steps to me somehow in very vague detail. She made me eat maybe 1/4 of her takenoko and marinated chicken (one piece of each) today at lunch by putting it on my sushi tray to try. It was good. I kept saying No, that's your lunch-- but she leaned in and whispered like she often does, "To tell the truth, I will be leaving as soon as possible" because on Tues and Thurs she's only supposed to work in the morning. She often stays into the afternoon to work on lesson material and such. I like when she's there, actually.

"You should just tease the students... not teach, tease."
Today I came back to my desk from an especially frustrating group of students and I guess I was really obviously distressed when she asked, "By the way, are you okay today" and I managed to pour out my gripes to her while she listened and was perfectly understanding and supportive so that I instantly felt much better. That's what lead to her "just enjoy" advice, I think.

Bed time.
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