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Monday, May 23, 2005

I like aerobics instructors who - what can I call it - woot(?) during class. This guy is like a cowboy, he also likes to clap intermittently and whirl his hand over his head at random times during the routine. It's cool though, it makes me laugh. Oh another thing, he always messes up his words and laughs at himself. Oh and last thing, he uses English phrases like "and one more please!" It's so fun.

Bifun does not work in place of yakisoba noodles.

Took iPod and ran three songs' time. About 16 minutes and 2.6km. It's so easy with music!!!

Rained tonight! Crazy weather. It was really warm and hot in the sun but when I got back from visit school it was doing the liquid sunshine thing. Not so bad though, could even go without umbrella.

Gotta hang up laundry.

Two months left..!?! When the left pocket and I go home we're going to live in Hawaii and wait tables at either 1)a Japanese restaurant 2)California Pizza Kitchen 3)Outback (him) and make lots of money on tips. HA!

Anybody want to buy my things? Everything must go!
Can check with FF from http://kuishinbomeow.blogspot.com/
she has got loads of friends in japan.. or Obachan at http://kokonuggetyumyum.blogspot.com/
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