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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today I did yoga to yoga versions of the FuyuSona theme and Jupiter, a song by Ayaka Hirahara. I couldn't help snickering as the Winter Sonata song played.

Love the gym. I think I'm gonna miss the Japanese gym. I like seeing the old people doing aerobics, it's cute. I like seeing the boney people lifting weights and the little towels for wiping sweat off machines hanging neatly folded. I'll miss the young staff ladies who are constantly returning seats and weights to their default settings.

Newest Japanese food discovery: kenchin udon. I love it, I've had it twice and I want more!

Head is full of home, feels like coming here in reverse. I feel more like I'm in LA than in Japan. Got my plane ticket, the left pocket's got a ticket. We're going home!

I'm in my last rounds of teaching. They aren't so special at all. I don't want to make farewell speeches.

The yen is high to the dollar. 108something per dollar... that's not good. Go down to 104!

It hasn't been so rainy this rainy season. It's not very hot...yet. Mid-high 20s... but when the sun is strong, it's strong!

I'm gonna miss the clutteredness, detail of places and things in Japan. It's great for exploring. It's good to be a person who notices small things.

I'mg onna miss the general quietness, the systematic securities: taking the train, the polite phrases, tame little cars, stand on the left and walk on the right

I've gotten used to hanging my laundry. I've gotten used to no paper towels in public bathrooms, to no napkins at restaurants. I've gotten used to small portions!...well, at least I don't mind them as much as I used to..

I won't mind the California weather, having a bed, no smoking, having space, openness, understanding language, food variety, fruits, the beach, not envying milky skin, not caring about being hairy!, embracing tannedness, growing out my granny J haircuts, movies

Time to sleep. Tomorrow going to Harajuku. People's misconceptions about Japan are going to test my patience when I go home. I'm curious to witness the recent hype. After being here, I'm afraid what I have learned is that much of Japan understands little about what the US is really like, and much of the US understands little about what Japan is like.

The observations in your last paragraph are so very true. I went through the same experience of coming from Japan back to the US, and found that it was tougher returning than going over. Just accept, don't question. That will go a long way in your repatriation. Enjoy your last days in Japan.
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