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Monday, June 20, 2005
 Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow

The air is thick and warm, it feels like the temperature is exactly the same as my body so that I meld with the atmosphere and am weighed down with the mass of everything around me. The school is hectic but time seems to be moving so slowly. Teachers are pressing towels to their faces to lift the sweat. Not even the sun is piercing or bright enough to break the heavy dullness. I could flop over and groan.

Twice today I've witnessed first year students corned by teachers, at least three to one, standing awkwardly with unpleasant expressions in the midst of the hounding about their dyed brown hair, their roll socks, their failure to do such and such task or assignment that everyone else has already done. The girl actually walked out of the staff room on the teachers when she was reminded to get rid of her bunchy cheerleader-type "roll socks". I wish behavior in the classroom was so strict. The hair and socks, though, I think that's irrational. These students are mentally so far beyond the control of this school that forcing them to relinquish natural harmless sense self-expression such as hair color and socks will just drive them to anger and frustration. How can teachers seriously enforce the rule when the majority (it seems!) of the country has brown, orange, yellow hair? The teachers sure don't all have black hair!
Welcome to Asia.. FP!! I hope i never have to subject chloe to that..!
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