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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hawaii has more things Japanese than I ever realized. Some are available just as readily as in Japan. Sushi, onigiri at ABC stores. Any Japanese grocery you'd ever need at Daiei. Japanese goods and even Bookoff at Shirokiya. Some things unfortunately cost twice as much as in Japan. Saint Germain's bakery goods were like the Japanese ones but had an American look to them, rough versions.

Everyone speaks Japanese in Hawaii it seems. One second they're speaking English and the next they're speaking Japanese. Nobody even blinks. The Japanese tourists don't even seem surprised. I felt like such a simpleton.

There are many many more big people in Hawaii than in Japan. hehe.

I didn't get bitten by any mosquitos while in Hawaii!

I saw family that I haven't in a long time. I'm so glad. I lit incense and bowed three times for my ancestors.

I bought a watch. I feel older.

Today ESS Club asked me if they could visit me and stay at my house if they go on a trip to America. I said they could. Yikes!
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