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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why does sour stuff make you involuntarily wink?

Plums here aren't purple and red like the ones I'm used to at home. They're yellow and orange like nectarines. They're not very big either. Still, I am enjoying them. I gave one to teacher who sits next to me and she said when she was young plums had very big seeds and not much fruit. They've been improved within her lifetime.

A few days ago she had a plum that she'd picked up off the ground but she'd also picked up a frenzy of ants with it! I had to point out to her that they were coming out of the pit; she had seen some but didn't realize how many there were. It made me shudder..yuck! Then it was funny and she laughed as she emptied her bag to make sure there weren't ants running loose. She had to get two or three at the bottom.

Before the ant problem, she'd given me a dish of cherry tomatoes grown by someone in her husband's family who is a farmer. They were nice and meaty and tasty. Very clean. It's nice to grow your own food.

Today was the annual Appreciation Ceremony for ALTs. Our certificates are proof that we worked for the contracting organization. Gotta take it home with me.

Early this morning, about 6am, it was pouring steadily. Luckily by midday when I had to go out it was clear. I have at least 2 mosquito bites on my feet from one night when the net was drooping onto my feet so the bug was able to get me. Otherwise I feel like either the mosquitos are fewer than usual or I've learned to minimize opportunity for them to touch me or maybe I'm not as tasty to them for some reason! I hope the last. Maybe they can sense fear. I'm not scared of them anymore.

Rilakkuma is cute. I have too many toys to take home.
just noticed the green tee--what's the meaning?! like, no more mr. nice guy?
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