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Thursday, June 23, 2005
 School People

U-kyotosensei bought my iron and board and gave me 20000yen for them. After I looked at the amount I tried to say it was too much but he wouldn't hear it. In another attempt I returned most of it as otsuri and still he would only take 10000 back. He's too nice. I feel bad for letting him ask about it and buy it in the first place because I didn't realize he was just being nice.

As part of mentally preparing to leave Japan, I'm supposed to think of the five people I'll miss most. That would be Fukuhara-sensei (motherly teacher at visit school), Furuya-sensei (motherly/friendly teacher at base school), Tokita-sensei (teacher who sits next to me), and that's about it.

Maki wrote to me saying she's okay but lonely living alone to attend Sophia University.

Chisaki wrote to me saying she was accepted to all the graduate schools she applied to but she chose State University of New York at Albany. She's leaving Japan August 15th.

Only one student teacher this year talked to me. She was the most confident and energetic of the three English student teachers, as far as I could tell. I actually had two chances to team teach with her instead of the usual teacher. It was nice; too bad I wasn't even told until it was happening. On their demo lesson plans only that one made the most out of her English ability, typing her name, class time, targets, etc. in English. I could hardly tell that the other plans were for an English class.

Saori wrote me saying she traveled to Oregon and Canada but summer quarter is starting and she has to work again. She will be coming back to Japan for awhile and wanted to visit her old school and see me but I think I will be back home when she comes.

The school cafeteria has yakiniku bowls now. They are yummy. Only 300yen.

Rained a little in the morning. Temperature still high 20s. In the coming days it's supposed to be up to mid-30s.

Market took away their generic brand of low-fat milk. Now there's only ONE brand of low-fat milk. The only choices are 3.5% fat or higher.

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