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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
 Someone Moving in Before I'm Out

There appear to be baby cockroaches running around since last night. They chose the night that a couple friends came to check out the stuff I'm selling to make their debut. When I step on them with my slipper they lie still a split second before jumping up to keep running. Then I step on them good. Sometimes they jump up again, though. It's freaky.

Why are they here now? Does heat bring them out? There's no more food out than before. Did moving furniture agitate them out? Did they come in through the open windows suddenly?

I saw two dead mosquitos today. YEAH! First one was already dead...how do they die on their own? Second one was going nuts around my foot while I was swiffering. Surprisingly I stepped on it and got it. I LOVE MY MOSQUITO NET too. Hopefully it keeps out baby cockroaches too. YUCK!

Used my free gerumanium(?) ticket at the gym. It's basically like a spa contraption for only your forearms and feet. The temperature read 41 degrees and one session is 20 minutes. It made me sweat lots but it felt good and relaxing like an onsen. It felt like stuff...energy, heaviness was being pulled out of my hara. Supposedly it burns 600 calories...

Yesterday and today used my prize 1000yen gift ticket from the gym to get bagels yesterday and today. Why are bagels supposed to be healthy?

Now that my head is in the states, non-Japanese food especially appealing because I know that soon I will be able to eat it all, forever, for cheap. It's so nice to have that peace of mind.

Some students expressed shock and unhappiness at the news that they were getting a new ALT soon. One said "yada" but that was the extent. Some classes didn't get the message that I was returning home, since some teachersdidn't comment after I told them in English and said goodbye.
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