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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
 Tyfoooon Tuesday
need sleep, need food, not rain rain rain

Packing is tricky!

Teachers were going to help me move all the last furniture, everything, out this morning but due to the weather they're going to do it after I leave tomorrow! I did my best and packed nice neat labeled boxes, just like if I were moving. I hope it makes it easier for them.

Soon I should pack the modem to send back. I should also stop by 7-eleven and get food. My feet are drowning, too long standing. wooooo

I didn't sleep much, but it's only 8pm in LA. So maybe I can sleep when it's tonight in LA. The gas and electricity bills come between 5 and 7pm here. Then I can wake up at midnight and clean and then...at 8:20 Kyoto-sensei is coming to take me to the station. Where is the time going?!

As the left pocket and I leave, I'm happy about Japan and my journey to where I am now. ..I forgot what I was going to say. Oh, I haven't had an appetite the last couple days. Still, I've eaten lots of good food while here. I'll miss the dango and kenchin udon!

Bye bye Japan, I'll miss you!
you're being washed out...of the country...sayonara...! can't wait to see the pockets round the corner of the tunnel!!!
I can't wait for your next adventure.. elsewhere.. :)
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